Proofreading And Editing Services For Authors

When to Use Proofreading and Editing Services for Authors

When writing a book, there are many different editors that you'll need help from. Of course, you'll have to come up with the first draft on your own, but once that's done, what's next? Here's a breakdown of the process of proofreading and editing services for authors so you know what to expect.



Once you've completed the first draft, you'll be encouraged to do a round or two of edits on your own. Once you feel like it's ready for someone else's eyes, you'll want to call on a copy editor. This person will take a look at your book as a whole, and let you know if chapter 2 should really be chapter 10, or if you need to cut out large sections because they're rambling too much.



After you make those big changes, you'll want to have a line editor review your work. This person will look at chapters or smaller sections of your book and make sure that the language stays the same throughout and that certain stylistic choices are maintained from beginning to end.



When you get towards the end of the editing process, you'll rely on a proofreader for the final adjustments. This person will make sure there are no typos, grammatical errors, or style mistakes in your manuscript. This is often considered the finishing touch before you self-publish or send it to an agent.


Books and Articles Proofreading and Editing

Here at The Finishing Touch, we provide a range of proofreading and editing services for authors. Whether you're writing a full-length manuscript or need help polishing your article for publication, give us a call or send an email to see how we can help!

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